Saturday, April 9, 2011

AND.......WE'RE BACK!!!!!

I have finally updated my blog. Please don’t have a heart attack. I know it has been almost a year and one-half since the last posting so I am going to try to tell everyone what has been happening. It may be in a few different postings so look at the next few. I am going to go through the months and try to document our lives. My goal this year is to try to be better at keeping this updated because I do care about letting everyone know how we are doing and the adventures that our family has had the past 18 months.  I will try to remember something from each month to tell you.

Mar 2011  

Samuel and Lily play together. Lily loves showing Sam things. Sam loves watching Lily. I am finally feeling like I can take care of two kids.  Sam discovered his tongue and some days it seems to be sticking out all day!

Feb 2011  

Mary’s parents and brother came out for Samuel’s baby blessing. Lily  has more fun with Samuel and finds that he is pretty fun to have around.

Jan 2011  

We had another Christmas celebration with the Isaacson’s. Kevin started his last semester of law school. We found out that Samuel’s heart had improved and that they would just do one more check when he was 6 months old to make sure everything was good.  Our prayers were answered.  Kevin and Mary get new callings. Kevin is called to be the ward executive secretary and I was called to be the ward family history chairperson. I don’t really know how to do family history but I will find out.  Sam started to show his contagious smile!

Lily Loves her trike and playing with friends.

Lily also loves cooking with mom, especially making rolls.  Don't ask why she likes eating bread dough....not very tasty.  But then again, she is the girl that loves to eat lotion.

Dec 2010  

Went to Utah for Christmas. It was so much fun to see everyone there and to show off Samuel. Lily played in lots of snow. And my California cuties (Kevin included) had a lot of fun.




Lily got a new tricycle for Christmas!  FUN FUN!

Nov 2010  

Samuel came home. We found out that he is the most easy-going cheerful guy. We took him to many appointments to the pediatrician and pediatric cardiologist.  The cardiologist did not know why his heart was doing that but concluded that he might grow out of it. We all fasted and prayed.



 Oct 2010  
October 31st around 1:30am I started going into Labor. We got to the hospital about  3:50 am and Samuel Walter Isaacson was born at 4:16am. That was supper fast and super intense!! Everyone asked us if he was a C-section because his head was so round and he looked so good. We found out that he had a weird heart problem. When he would sleep his heart rate would drop to around 100 beats/min. His oxygen stayed just fine but the doctors were a little worried about watching him. 






 I found Lily’s Halloween costume. It was the same costume that Kevin wore when he was two. It was the cutest little pumpkin costume that Kevin’s mom made. We went to the ward trunk-o-treat party on October 29th.


 Sep 2010   

 Last year of Law school starts.  Mary starts getting obsessed with making sure that Lily has a Halloween costume because the baby is due November 3rd. I just wanted to make sure that Lily had the opportunity to do the Halloween thing.  Mary’s dad, Jay, came out for a visit. We went to Happy Hollow when I was very pregnant. I took a ride on the merry-go-round and I think that people thought I was crazy getting  on one of those animals.


Aug 2010  

Kevin found out that he was ranked #3 in his class.

 July 2010  

Mary’s birthday. Lily’s 2nd birthday. She loved the balloon the most. We went to Happy Hollow for the first time.





 June 2010 

We find out that the baby is a boy.  We also got to have some fun on those hot days (head in bowl of water):
 May 2010
Kevin’s Birthday.  Summer started with a fun trip up to Lake Tahoe. Kevin started an internship as the managing intern at a local law firm. Mary’s mom came out form Memorial Day.


Apr 2010

Mary's parents came out to visit us during General Conference.   We had a nice (cloudy) trip to the beach.  Lily also surprised us often by waking up without any clothes on! (NOT ALWAYS FUN!)


Mar 2010 

On the first day of Kevin's spring beak, we went for a little hike.  Mary was really tired the whole day.  Later we found out why: we were pregnant with baby #2. Mary started feeling sick soon after........  

Feb 2010

Lily had a lot of fun playing with Aunt Heidi before she left on her mission to Boston.

Jan 2010 

Kevin’s new semester of school with lots of night classes. Adjusted to being in a new ward. We were called as primary teachers teaching the 10 year-olds.

Dec 2009  

After Kevin’s finals we went to Utah to have an early Christmas with the Burraston’s. 


We moved out of Kevin’s parent’s house into our own apartment. We adjusted to living on our own and being parent without the help of our parents.   We spent  Christmas with Isaacson’s. Jon, Julie, Matthew, and Seth came out to California. It was so much fun to see how big everyone had gotten.

It was so fun for us because Lily actually had fun with her presents. She got this big pink kitchen. She fell Christmas morning and had a huge ugly scrape on her nose. 

Nov 2009  

Thanksgiving with the Isaacson’s

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Lily's Happy Halloween!!

Kevin and I carved these awesome pumpkins! Don't worry we have not quit going to school to take up professional pumpkin carving. We wanted to be good parents and give Lily all the wonderful Halloween experiences. It turned out that as Kevin and I carved outside, Lily ran around pushing a broom and playing in the mud and trying to eat dirt. She was not even interested. She is usually very curious and she likes pumpkins. So we thought that she would like to play in the pumpkin guts but she did not care at all. Oh well maybe next year.

She may not have loved pumpkin carving. But Lily loves candy. She is at such a fun age. Here she is running around the family room. Lily was a flower for Halloween. I didn't realize how cheesy that was when I bought the costume. I went shopping with Lily and when she saw this on the hanger she got really excited and pulled it off and then went running down the isle of the store. That made me decide that this was the costume for her.

Lily usually hates wearing hats. But she loves clothes. When she saw herself in the mirror she smiled so big and laughed. She loves this costume. Lily also loves candy but she is not really to keen on trick-or-treating. In the pic below she is getting some candy from her Great-Aunt Laura (that she sees very often) here and you would think that she is trying to give Lily medicine. Lily is leaning so far back. Laura finally gave up Lily would not even take it from me.

Even though Lily did not like Trick-or-Treating she loves candy. Here she is with a sort of crazy candy high look on her face. She has red skittle drool running down her chin. It is lovely isn't it? Anyway I think that Halloween was all in all a fun experience. (Don't worry Mom we didn't let her have a about three of pieces of candy. )

I hope everyone had a very nice Halloween. Hopefully Lily will sleep well tonight!